Arrest Warrant

It can be a stressful and frustrating situation to have an arrest warrant outstanding in your name. Being ‘on the run’ from the law is no fun, and the consequences for potential criminal convictions will only increase the longer the case drags on. If you are in the position of having an arrest warrant issued related to a crime that you are accused of being involved in, you will want to retain legal representation right away. Somera Law Group is experienced in the state of California and will be happy to bring their knowledge to your aid.

An arrest warrant is issued when a crime is alleged to have been committed, but was not committed in the presence of a police officer. An officer who is suspicious that a crime has taken place will present information to the district attorney, who will decide whether or not to bring the case in front of a judge. It will be up to the judge to actually issue the arrest warrant or not. If the warrant is issued for your arrest, you could be picked up at any time.

It is helpful to have legal representation if you are facing an arrest warrant so that you can be prepared to turn yourself in and fight against the criminal charges. Simply turning yourself in on the warrant does not mean you are admitting to the charges. The sooner you come to face the charges, the better off you will be.

Call our offices right away for a free consultation into the details of your case. It is never too soon to speak with an attorney and chart a path for arguing against this arrest warrant. We look forward to receiving your call and helping you in this matter.