Auto Accidents

Most residents of the state of California live a life that requires many hours to be spent on the roads each week. With so many millions of people driving in all directions, accidents are sure to occur. People are hurt and killed on our roads each and every day, and many of them never get the compensation they deserve. Each accident is reviewed by an officer and fault is assigned to one party or another. While this helps for insurance purposes, insurance settlements often don’t result in the total amount of damage suffered by a party. If you have been hurt in an auto accident that was not your fault and you feel that you deserve more compensation, contact Somera Law Group today. Our staff will get right to work on your case.

While the insurance settlement in an accident is likely to pay for damage to your vehicle, and possibly some of your medical expenses, it will fall short in compensating you for missed work, ongoing health care, etc. There are many other sources of compensation that can be sought be a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney. Those include -

  • Any owners of the vehicle at fault
  • Auto manufacturer if fault is found with the vehicle
  • Employer of the driver who may have been on the job while involved in the accident
  • Government agencies if the roadways were not maintained properly

When you call for a free consultation, we will speak with you regarding your case and offer to get started working on your behalf. You shouldn’t have to suffer financially for something that is not your fault, so contact us today and fight for what is rightfully yours.