Boating Accident

Boating accidents are not as common as automobile accidents because there are simply less boats traveling each day than there are vehicles – yet boating accidents can be among the most serious transportation incidents. There are specific rules for operating a boat safely in the waters all over California, and if those rules are neglected, people can be harmed. If you have been the victim of a boating accident that was the fault of someone else and you would like to pursue damages, please call our offices today. Somera Law Group would be happy to argue your case and work to get what you are entitled to.

Because of the possibility of falling into the water after being in an accident, fatalities in boating accidents are unfortunately common. Among the most likely causes of a boating accident include -

  • Operating the boat while under the influence of alcohol
  • Traveling at too high a rate of speed for the conditions
  • Inexperience in the safe operation of a boat
  • Defective operation of the boat engine or other equipment

Any kind of a boating accident can become a serious one quite quickly. Don’t wait very long after an accident to contact an experienced firm like Somera Law Group to discuss the details of your case. If you suffer a major injury and have to miss work and pay for medical expenses, you should fight to recover those losses. We look forward to speaking with you soon and working to get you what is rightfully yours.