Bond Reductions

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in the state of California, you may be held until you can post bond in your case. The judge will set bail for your case, and in order to be released you will need to pay the bond, which is 10% of the total bail amount. The amount of bail set in your case will depend on the specific judge you are dealing with, the severity of the charges, etc. In order to get released while awaiting trial, you will want to pursue all avenues to get bond posted. Somera Law Group will be able to work with you in making sure that you pay as little as possible and get out of jail quickly.

Getting a bond reduction can obviously reduce the amount you are required to pay in order to be released. While a reduction is not easily obtained, it is possible with the help of an experienced attorney. Our team will work hard to explore all different possible arguments that could result in a lower bond amount. One of the most important factors in setting bond is how likely the accused is to appear at the trial when the time comes. If we can demonstrate to the court that you are reliable and will surely be present when the trial begins, we may be able to get the total bond amount lowered.

Call our offices today for a free consultation into your case. You don’t want to spend one minute longer than you have to in captivity, so let Somera Law Group help you handle your bond issues and get you released to your home and family as soon as possible.