Bus Accident

Buses are a great way to get around town without spending money or gas or having to worry about finding parking, sitting in traffic, etc. However, you are inherently trusting the safety of the bus and the ability of the bus driver when you step onto the bus for even a short ride. Should something happen and you wind up injured as the result of a bus accident, you may be entitled to compensation to recover lost income and medical expenses that resulted from the accident. Somera Law Group is experienced in this kind of litigation and will work with you to take action toward collecting the damages that you are seeking.

There are a wide range of parties that could be held responsible for the the injuries you suffered in a bus crash, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Those parties include -

  • Bus company
  • Companies that have done maintenance on the bus
  • Government agency if it was public transit
  • Bus driver
  • School district or school board
  • Driver of other vehicles involved in accident

Due to the fact that many buses do not have seat belts or restraint systems, injuries can be quite serious in a bus accident. Contact an experienced firm like Somera Law Group if you have been injured and ask about what we can do to help you recover the damages you have suffered. Our team is looking forward to receiving your call.