Child Abuse

Since children cannot typically defend themselves against an adult, the charge of child abuse is a very serious one that has major consequences for those convicted. While actual child abuse needs to be stopped, there are many cases charged that actually have no basis in reality. If you find yourself charged with child abuse and would like to thoroughly defend yourself against that charge, contact our offices today. Somera Law Group is an experienced California law firm that will work hard to protect your name.

The definition of child abuse in California is as follows -

“emotionally, physically, or sexually abusing or neglecting a minor by a parent or guardian.”

When charged with child abuse, there is more than just potential jail time on the line. While that is a concern, you also need to worry about protecting your reputation, maintaining visitation rights to see your children, and potential restraining orders. There is really no part of your life that is not affected by the charge of child abuse.

Proper representation in this case can be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. Because there is usually only circumstantial evidence to work off of in a child abuse abuse case, it comes down the defense attorney to accurately explain the situation and why the defendant is not guilty of this crime. You only get one chance to defend yourself in this life changing case, so make sure to do it to your fullest capacity.

Call our offices today and you will receive a free consultation regarding the details in your case. Somera Law Group would be proud to go to work for you and make sure that your rights are protected throughout each step of the process.