Civil Rights

While the Civil Rights movement might have taken place in America some 50 years ago, the fight for equality still goes on today. Every day people are discriminated against because of thier race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and many other factors. This kind of discrimination is against the law, and you should not have to suffer for the biases and prejudices of another individual. If you feel that you have been discriminated against in a way that has caused some form of harm to you (emotionally, financially, etc.), contact the office of Somera Law Group today. Our team is experienced with Civil Rights litigation and will be happy to work hard for your case.

The Civil Rights violations of the 21st Century come to life in a variety of ways. Some of the more common Civil Rights cases that still come before courts in the state of California include -

    • Police misconduct, such as excessive force and racial profiling
    • Employment discrimination such as gender bias or race discrimination
    • Failing to make reasonable accomodations for a handicapped individual
    • Free speech violations

Those are but a few of the many ways in which citizens are discriminated against each and every day. Don’t stand by and accept discrimination as a fact of life when it is harming your career or your personal life. Civil Rights are meant to be equal in the United States, and you have every right to make sure that is the case for you.

Call our office today for a free consultation and to speak with our team about a possible next step in your case. We will be happy to represent you and will stand up in court to fight for your Civil Rights. We hope to hear from you soon.