Conspiracy charges are often complicated because they don’t even require the commission of the alleged underlying offense to return a conviction. If you have plotted to commit a crime with another individual, you can be charged with conspiracy in the state of California, even if the crime was never committed. Beyond just the state laws, conspiracy can also be tried at a federal level, only increasing the seriousness of the charge and the possible penalties for a conviction. Call Somera Law Group today to discuss your case and find out what we have to offer your defense.

The definition of the crime of conspiracy is actually a simple one.

“When two or more people agree to commit a crime and take some affirmative step or action in furtherance of the conspiracy, this constitutes the crime of conspiracy. Even if the commission of the crime does not actually occur, those parties involved in conspiring to commit the crime may still face criminal charges.”

In general, the severity of conspiracy charges will be related to the crime that was being planned. If you are accused of planning a felony with another person, you may be charged with felony conspiracy. A conviction of those charges can lead to up to 5 years in prison. Federal conspiracy charges will be even more serious and can result in longer prison terms.

With the stakes so high in this case, it is vital to retain council right away. Somera Law Group is an experienced firm with knowledge of conspiracy charges and the ability to help you defend your name. We look forward to receiving a call from you and discussing the options to fight back against these serious charges.