Elder & Facility Care Abuse

It is a fact of life that many people are unable to care for themselves as they get into their elder years. When that becomes the case, many seniors move into retirement homes or senior care facilities so that they are able to maintain a good quality of life with the assistance of trained professionals. While almost all of these facilities live up to their responsibilities, some do not. If that is the case for you or someone you love, there may be grounds to take civil action against the facility. Call our offices today to speak with our staff regarding your situation and we will be happen to help work with you in taking the next course of action.

If the elder care facility in question is failing to keep up in any of the below areas, there may be a potential problems and grounds for a suit.

  • Providing the necessities for everyday life
  • Proper medical care
  • Assisting in personal hygiene
  • Adequate upkeep of facility
  • Medication delivered and administered at appropriate times

Elderly people are often vulnerable because they don’t want to be a burden and are not capable of making sound decisions for themselves in some cases. By taking action against a care facility that is not doing its job to the full extent required by the law, you can protect the people in that facility and get them the care they deserve.

Call our office today for a free consultation. Somera Law Group is experienced in California courtrooms and will be happy to help you take on this case and see that the proper outcome is achieved.