Federal Crimes

It is a serious situation if you are facing criminal charges in the state of California. However, facing federal criminal charges is another step up from there, and the possible punishments become quite severe at that point. There are a variety of crimes for which the federal government could step in and prosecute a case, but all of them are very serious. If you are being charged with a federal crime, or you anticipate being charged soon, call our offices right away. At Somera Law Group, we have experience defending federal charges, and will work hard to defend you to the fullest extent.

The federal government has seemingly unlimited resources at its disposal, and you need a talented team on your side to fight back against all of their power. If a crime is alleged to have taken place on federal land, or took place across many states, it could be charged by the federal government. Among the possible crimes that can be federally charged include -

  • Arson
  • White collar crimes (money laundering, etc.)
  • Kidnapping
  • Terror threats
  • Drug trafficking

It is truly never too soon to start building your defense against federal charges. The federal government does not like to lose a case, so they will take their time in building up evidence against you. During that time, you need to be represented and working to building your arguments in your favor. Call our office right away for a free consultation and to discuss what Somera Law Group has to offer your defense. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you soon.