Hit & Run

Hit and run cases can be very serious, especially if there is an individual injured in a collision with a vehicle. The law requires that a driver stop at the scene of any accident, and leaving without exchanging information or checking on the well being of anyone hurt is against the law. However, hit and run cases are not always as simple as they might seem from the outside. Was the driver aware that they hit a person or object? Was there another reason for which they couldn’t safely stop the vehicle at that time? If you are being charged with Hit and Run in the state of California, contact our offices today for a free consultation. Somera Law Group has worked many hit and run cases and will bring that experience to your defense.

The charge of hit and run can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstance. Generally speaking, the charge is a misdemeanor if the driver hit property with their vehicle, usually the vehicle of another (whether driving or parked). If the driver hits a pedestrian and drives away, felony hit and run charges are most likely. A conviction on a misdemeanor charge will permit up to six months in jail, but a far longer sentence is possible for a felony conviction.

In addition to possible jail time, you can lose your right to drive and have other punishments levied if you are convicted of hit and run. Contact our office right away and we will get to work building your defense in this case.