While not as serious as murder, manslaughter is still an extremely serious charge that will affect the rest of your life if you are convicted. If you have already been charged with manslaughter, or you expect to be charged soon, give our offices a call today. Somera Law Group is experienced in California courts and we will put all of our knowledge and determination to work for you.

There are two different categories of manslaughter under California law – voluntary and involuntary. Both categories involve the killing of a person without premeditation or malice.

Voluntary Manslaughter

This is often called a ‘heat of passion’ crime. If legally adequate provocation is present, this charge may be brought instead of a murder charge. The punishment for being convicted on voluntary manslaughter charges is between 3 and 11 years in prison.

Involuntary Manslaughter

This category accounts for the killing of another person that does not fit the requirements of murder or voluntary manslaughter, but still rises to a criminal level. For example, a death that occurs during the commission of a misdemeanor (not a felony) and is accidental, can be charged as involuntary manslaughter and be punished with up to a year in prison.

Manslaughter cases involve the loss of life, and are therefore very emotional for all involved. By working with an experienced team such as that at Somera Law Group, we can guide you through the process and help to put up a strong defense. We look forward to your call and helping you through this difficult time.