The negligent behavior of an individual or business can lead to injuries in many different forms. While you might not even realize it at the time, there may be someone responsible for an accident or injury that has happened to you recently. If you believe that to be true, call our offices today to speak with our experienced staff. Somera Law Group is respected in California courtrooms and will work hard to get what you deserve.

The number of ways in which a person or business can be negligent is almost endless. Below are a few examples of negligent behavior that can result in serious injury.

  • Failure to maintain a walking area in a safe manner
  • Leaving a surface wet when customers are walking through
  • Driving in an irresponsible manner
  • Conducting dangerous work around unsupervised individuals

Any negligent behavior could be grounds for a personal injury suit if you have been harmed and believe someone to be responsible. You can suffer from a loss of income, high medical expenses, and many other circumstances as a result of your injuries. It is worth your time and effort to call our office and ask about your prospects in a personal injury case.

We will be happy to give you a free consultation when you call our office today. The team of professionals on our staff is eager to serve you and help you to find a positive outcome to this difficult situation.