Probation Violations

Being placed on probation is a common result of a criminal trial or proceeding. Instead of being put in jail for the entire term of the punishment, the guilty party will often get to split the time between serving it in jail and being released on probation. If you are out on probation and have been found to have violated the terms of that probation, you can find yourself in very serious trouble. Call our office right away and ask about how we can help to represent you in your probation hearing.

Terms of probation vary from case to case, but in general there are many ways in which you can violate probation.

  • Commit a new crime
  • Fail to appear in court when scheduled to do so
  • Fail to see probation officer as required
  • Fail to pay restitution from your previous crime
  • Possess illegal drugs
  • Drive a vehicle with alcohol in your system
  • Get arrested for any reason

Depending on the seriousness of your probation violation, you can face a variety of penalties. The most common penalty would be an extension of your probationary period, but you could also face added jail time or a more strict probation settlement. The judge in your case will decide what the appropriate punishment is based on the details of the violation.

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