While shoplifting is a common term used to describe theft from a store, the actual legal term is petty theft. Shoplifting occurs if you take something from a store that does not belong to you without paying for it, or if you attempt to do so. While you might not think that a shoplifting charge is a serious situation, you will want to defend yourself against it in order to keep you record clean and avoid some lasting effects on your life. Somera Law Group will work with you to determine the next step in your process.

Shoplifting remains in the category of petty theft so long as the total value of the merchandise remains under $950. If the value rises above that number, you will be charged with grand theft and face more serious consequences.

Petty theft is almost always a misdemeanor, which will be punished by up to six months in prison and a fine if you are convicted. However, if you have three or more prior convictions for the same crime, you can see your charges elevated to a felony. If that is the case, the punishments can reach up to three years in jail.

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