Traffic Accident

The number of traffic accidents that occurs on a daily basis just within the state of California alone is mind boggling. With so many cars going to and from work, school, and every other destination, bad things are bound to happen. Fortunately, we have rules on the road to keep cars safe and going in the right direction. When those rules are broken and accidents occur, the responsible party needs to pay the consequences. At Somera Law Group, we are experienced in personal injury law and working with our clients to get the damages they deserve in a traffic accident injury case.

After you file the police report and make sure your injuries are under control, you should contact a qualified firm like Somera Law Group right away. The more time that passes between the accident and when you call, the more difficult the case will be to argue. If you contact us quickly, we can gather evidence from witnesses and from the scene itself that will help down the road in proving who was at fault in the accident.

If you have been seriously injured in a traffic accident, you might have to miss time from work and will almost certainly be left with major medical bills. The person responsible for the accident may bear legal responsibility to pay you for those damages, as well as any pain or anguish along with the injuries.

Call our office today for a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you about your case and taking the next step in getting you what is rightfully yours.