Truck Accident

Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are some of the biggest vehicles on the roads of California, and are capable of doing the most damage in the case of an accident. If you have been involved in a truck accident where you were injured and the insurance company did not settle for enough money to take care of all of your damages, a personal injury suit may be in order. Contact our offices today to discuss your possible case and learn about what the law firm of Pacheco and Somera can provide for you.

It is important that you don’t let much time pass between your accident and contacting our office. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to achieve a positive outcome if the case should wind up in front of a judge. Our team will get right to work on collecting evidence and witness statements in order to build your case against the responsible party in the truck accident.

There are a few parties that could possibly be held responsible financially in the case of a truck accident.

  • Truck driver
  • Owner of the truck, if different from the driver
  • Employer of the driver if they are working commercially
  • Company who services the truck, if there was some sort of malfunction

Your injuries could cause you to miss work and rack up medical expenses that you can’t afford. Call our offices for a free consultation today and to find out what your next step should be. We are looking forward to working with you in this serious matter.