Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is perhaps the most important and difficult area of personal injury law. If you have lost someone important to you do to a wrongful death accident or situation, you are understandably going through a very difficult time. While the emotional toll of such an experience is hard enough, the financial burden that these kinds of cases can create is also difficult to handle. At Somera Law Group, we understand the difficulty of your situation and will work with you to find a path that attempts to recover what you have lost financially, while still respecting the memory of your loved one.

Wrongful death cases are extremely tricky for a number of reasons. When the death of an individual is involved, there is often the matter of a criminal trial in addition to the potential of a civil suit. An experienced firm such as Somera Law Group will know how to navigate the legal landscape and how to approach the personal injury side of the case. Some of the most challenging parts of these types of cases are -

  • Establishing a life expectancy for the deceased
  • Determining the amount that has been lost in terms of financial support due to the wrongful death
  • Proving liability of the defendant in the case
  • Establishing a financial value for the loss of companionship and comfort

There is nothing easy about losing someone close to you, especially in a wrongful death situation. Contact our offices today for a free consultation and to discuss how to proceed with your case. We look forward to your call and helping you through this difficult time.